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The biologists call it imprinting; the bible calls it blessing; it does not matter which discipline's language is used—I am 'married to this land.'

Sarah Motley

At the Corner of First and A
Robert Thayer

Frank A. Leach, 1917

Exotic and Native
Jim Barilla

Sarah H. Motley

Care and Feeding
Laurie Glover

Vegetation systems: Lawn-dominated suburbia; large agricultural monoculture (crops: tomatoes, seeds, corn, wheat); remnant Central Valley riparian; former perennial grassland, now annual.

Geology: Deep alluvial sediments over Great Valley sequence sedimentary rock.

Settlers: Southeastern River Patwin; Euro-Americans; Asian-Americans.

Major industries/employers: University of California; US Department of Agriculture; agriculture; biotechnology.

Points of interest: UC Davis; Davis wetlands; Hattie Weber historical museum.

Events: Picnic Day, early April; Whole Earth Day, 2nd weekend in May; Powwow, early April; Davis Cyclebration and Double Century, late May; Dinner at the Dump fundraiser, mid-September; Art About, 2nd Friday of the month; nationally known Farmer's Market, every Wednesday and Saturday.


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