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You like to play God, or Gaia, with your bundles of yellow flags, determining the fate of other creatures.

Daniel Leroy, 2000

Putah Creek Riparian Reserve
Robert Thayer

Crossing Putah Creek
John Bidwell, 1841

To Establish a Home
Daniel Leroy

Vegetation systems: Large and small agricultural monoculture, often research oriented; remnant Central Valley riparian; remnant oak savannah; former perennial grassland, now annual.

Geology: Natural and human-made creek channels through deep alluvial sediments. Horizontal faults concealed 3 to 6 miles below surface west of Davis.

Settlers: Southeastern River Patwin; Vaca and Peņa families; Euro-Americans; Asian-Americans.

Major industries/employers: University of California; agriculture.

Points of interest: Restoria riparian restoration site, Arboretum, Experimental Ecosystem, Raptor Center, Experimental College Gardens.

Events: Restoria workdays, periodic during fall, winter, and spring.


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