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"You don't understand, sir, Winters is the amenity."

Anonymous, 1990s.

Main Street and Railroad Avenue
Robert Thayer

El Temblor!
The Express. Saturday, April 23, 1892.

Geology of Putah-Cache: Cenozoic Deposits
Eldridge M. Moores and Judith E. Moores

Citykid Tours the Greater Winters Area
Maria Melendez

Craig McNamara: Interview, 1997
Jan Goggans

Vegetation systems: orchards; lawn-dominated suburbia; some ranch land; remnant Central Valley riparian; remnant oak savannah and oak woodland to west; former perennial grassland, now annual.

Geology: Deep river channel through alluvial sediments. Concealed horizontal or west-dipping fault 3 to 6 miles below surface in Great Valley sequence sediments; movement on this fault caused 1892 earthquake.

Settlers: River Patwin; Euro-Americans; Mexicans; Spanish via Hawaiian cane fields; Japanese.

Major industries/employers: Agriculture; orchard; canning.

Points of interest: Old railroad bridge; Winters Putah Creek restoration site and park; Opera House; Winters Hotel.

Events: Youth Day, last Saturday of April; Earthquake Street Festival, late August.


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