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El Temblor!

An Earthquake Shakes Our Town From Foundation to Dome—Great Damage and Destruction Wrought—No Lives Lost, But Several Badly Injured—Incidents of the Day, Etc., Etc.

The Express. Winters, Yolo County California, Saturday, April 23, 1892.

We wish to say in the beginning that, owing to the chaotic condition of our office, we can not give a full report of the catastrophe that has befallen our town. And again, we are short handed and are worked to the utmost to get out a paper at all.

The first shock was felt at a quarter before three Tuesday morning, while our population was in quiet slumber. . . .

Not a single brick or stone building in town is standing intact, the shock that occurred at 9:40 o'clock Thursday morning completing the work of ruin wrought by the earthquake of Tuesday morning. . . .

Graceful palms, olives, orange and lemon trees stand just as they did before the shock. . . .

A man named Jeff Darby was dangerously hurt about the head by a brick wall falling upon it as he was trying to escape. . . . he died at 2 o'clock yesterday morning.

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