ContentsPutah and Cache: Cold Canyon

. . . creekbeds are ancestral memory
And walking up one is sweet
Spontaneous movement.

-Norm Milstein, 1997

The Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve
Peter B. Moyle

Ode to Cold Canyon
Norm Milstein

Path Through a Few Things that Must Be Said for Putah Creek, at the Foot of Monticello Dam
Sandra McPherson

Vegetation systems: Foothill riparian; oak and mixed woodland; oak savannah; chaparral; former perennial grassland, now annual.

Geology: Sharply uplifted Great Valley deep marine sedimentary rock, especially sandstones and shales. Possible fault running up canyon.

Settlers: River or Hill Patwin; Vlahos family.

Major industries/employers: None.

Points of interest: Hiking trails; Vlahos homestead.

Events: Occasional.

More information: Managed by the University of California Natural Reserve System.
Primary uses: Teaching and research.

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