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Although it will be necessary to destroy the productivity of these 10,700 acres of land, the construction of the reservoir will make it possible to furnish water for the irrigation of about 78,000 acres of presently unirrigated lands in Solano County . . .

California Governor Earl Warren, 1948

The Monticello Dam Overlook
Robert Thayer

April 8, 1948
California Governor Earl Warren

Geology of Putah Cache: The Great Valley Sequence
Eldridge M. Moores and Judith E. Moores

The Fishes of Putah Creek: After the Dam
Peter B. Moyle

The Glory Hole
Rachel Dilworth

"Glory Hole," from Narrow Way to Nearby
David Robertson

Dam data

Structural Height: 304 feet
Crest elevation: 456 feet
Crest width: 12 feet
Crest length: 1,023 feet
Base width: 100 feet
Volume of concrete: 326,000 cubic yards
Bureau of Reclamation
Mid Pacific Regional Office
Federal Office Building
2800 Cottage Way
Sacramento CA 95825-1898
(916) 978-5000

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