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April 8, 1948

California Governor Earl Warren to Robert F. Rockwell, Chairman of the subcommittee on Irrigation and Reclamation in the House Committee on Public Lands

The construction of a Monticello Reservoir of this capacity will flood the Berryessa Valley which is now utilized from the growing of orchards, vineyards, grain, alfalfa, corn, and pasture grasses. There is a gross area of about 16,700 acres of good agricultural land in the site for a 1,600,000-acre-foot reservoir, most of which is now in use largely for dry farming. Several hundred acres of this land, however, are now irrigated. The owners of this valley and many of the people in Napa County where it is located oppose the Monticello Dam site because these lands will be inundated and the taxable wealth lost to the county. Although it will be necessary to destroy the productivity of these 10,700 acres of land, the construction of the reservoir will make it possible to furnish water for the irrigation of about 78,000 acres of presently unirrigated lands in Solano County, including 56,500 acres in the presently unorganized district, and for a supplement supply to 5,000 acres of presently irrigated lands, and in addition furnish annually 38,000 acre-feet of water for municipal, military, and industrial uses.

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