ContentsPutah and Cache: Upper Putah Creek

Litto the Hubcap King. . .
He said: "You make do with what you have."

Andrea Ross, 1998

Pope Valley to Guenoc Valley
Robert Thayer

Ode to Beauty: Historical Landmark 839, The Litto Hubcap Ranch
Andrea Ross

Middletown and Putah Creek Headwaters
Robert Thayer

Boggs Mountain: We Have Met the Great Outdoors and It Is Us
Amy J. Boyer

Vegetation systems: Vineyards; foothill riparian; oak and mixed woodland, oak savannah; chaparral, serpentine chaparral; former perennial grassland, now annual; managed conifer forest; begin Ponderosa and knobcone pine.

Geology: Complexly folded and faulted Great Valley sequence sedimentary rock, Franciscan mélange, and Coast Range ophiolite (serpentine outcrops); Clear Lake volcanics. Thermally active: includes geysers, hot springs, and mercury deposits.

Settlers: Wappo (Mayacmas); Lake Miwok; Southeastern Pomo; Euro-Americans.

Major industries/employers: Tourism; wineries; ranching; forestry; geothermal electricity generation; Cobb Mountain Spring Water.

Points of interest: Litto's Hubcap Ranch; Guenoc Winery; St. Helena Microbrewery; Beulah's Kitchen; Twin Pine Casino; Geysers geothermal plant; Boggs Mountain State Park; Harbin Hot Springs.

Events: Lillie Langtry Day at Guenoc, mid-May; Middletown Days, mid-June; Farmer's Market, Thursdays, mid-June through Sept.; Calpine tours of geothermal plant, Thurs. through Monday year-round.

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