ContentsPutah and Cache: Clear Lake or Lypoyomi

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Ever Reappearing

Caroline M. Nichols Churchill, 1881

Clear Lake is a body of water so exactly in appearance and surroundings like Washoe Lake, in the State of Nevada, that one feels as if viewing the same little American Galilee. A small steamer is in course of construction for navigating this lake. This body of water, which appears to the beholder to be about three miles in length, is in reality thirty-six miles, but winds its way through the valleys and gorges of the mountains, so that it is ever reappearing when one is miles upon the road, like a beautiful face seen again after a supposed final parting. This country is very mountainous, with a remarkably fine climate, and is settled mostly with invalids. They are far from market, with surroundings so rugged as scarcely to be accessible to railroads. The consequence is the inhabitants feel poor, and talk as if hopelessly resigned to this condition of things. I do not believe that it need be true of Lake county that it shall never develop wealth because of not being an agricultural district. When its resources for rearing sheep, goats and cattle are fully known, we shall see that wealth can be produced from something besides wheat.

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