ContentsPutah and Cache: Upper Cache Creek

One inescapable impression was that I was trespassing, and of course I wasn't . . . you are truly in the world of the wilderness.

Joe Krovoza, 1999

Wilson Valley to Cache Creek
Robert Thayer

Whitewater Trespassing
Joe Krovoza

Birds of Putah-Cache: Oak Savanna, Oak Woodland, and Chapparal
John Kemper

Return of the Tule Elk
Peter B. Moyle

Vegetation systems: Foothill riparian; chaparral; oak and mixed woodland; former perennial grassland, now annual.

Geology: Clear Lake volcanics; Cache Creek beds; Great Valley sequence sedimentary rock; serpentine of Coast Range ophiolite and Franciscan mélange visible on Redbud Trail and on Highway 20 east of Cache Creek.

Settlers: Hill Patwin; few Euro-Americans.

Major industries/employers: Ranching; formerly mercury mining.

Points of interest: Hiking trails; Wilson Valley; Bear Valley; tule elk preserve; Cache Creek Wilderness Study Area; Indian Reservoir; Oasis Bar and Grill.

Events: None.


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