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It might, just might, be a pretty good year for us all.

Will Baker, 1997

Robert Thayer

California Christmas IV: Rumsey Improvement Club Potluck, December 14, 1999
Will Baker

How Beans, Peas, and Barley Grow
Annie Main

Of Fires and Early Fruit

Lost Soul on a Cyberspace Bulletin Board
Annie Main

Hoes Down Festival
Alison Alkon

10/5/96 Sat.
Amy J. Boyer

Ramón Cardena: Interview, 1999
Jim Barilla

Earthquake Country
Ann Scheuring

Rumsey Rancheria
Robert Thayer

Eavesdropping at Cache Creek Casino
Laurie Glover

Vegetation systems: Small agriculture (orchards); former perennial grassland, now annual; oak savannah; foothill riparian.

Geology: Creek through alluvial deposits on Great Valley sequence shales and sandstone; Great Valley sequence sedimentary rock is exposed in hills. In Rumsey Hills to east, Great Valley sequence is thrust on top of younger Pleistocene Tehama gravels; Blue Cliffs are Tehama gravels, chemically reduced by gas seep.

Settlers: Patwin; Anglo-Americans; a few African-Americans, Mexican-Americans; Rumsey band of Wintun.

Major industries/employers: Cache Creek Casino; agriculture (orchards, organic farming); some ranching.

Points of interest: Cache Creek Casino; hiking trails; river rafting; birdwatching; kayaking; camping.

Events: Hoes Down Harvest Festival, mid-late October; Almond Festival, fourth weekend of Feb.

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