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10/5/96 Sat.

Amy J. Boyer

Hoes Down, Full Belly Farm. Hens running through straw like gaited horses; lanolin on shorn sheep; unshorn wool like a mat on the sheep; the patience of the shorn sheep, shearing a ballet both clumsy & delicate ("don't step on the scrotum or tail, you'll go ballistic"). Sheep tails are long & skinny. Hollow bones of goats; sagacious look of milker; the dangling scrota of sheep and goats; friendly roan shorthorn cow—wanted attention; pat the rear flank, like a hair-covered table. Fluffy hen butts.

Nude bathing in the river. Zipping down in the current, fighting it back up. Water smell like worms or fish. Current much stronger one side (the deeper one of course).

Fluty reels to be danced. Crown of tendrils in pumpkin patch.

Quail zipping out of an overgrown patch: asparagus & wheat or barley. Footprints of a big raccoon. Lotsa weeds in the pumpkins: lambsquarter, amaranth, chicory. All edibles! Oh, & mallow.

Drum & flute in the distance.

Babies with straw hanging off their diapers, in front & behind.

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