ContentsPutah and Cache: Capay Valley

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Eavesdropping at Cache Creek Casino

Laurie Glover

At the slots:

"So what do you play when you come up here?'

"Everything I can."

"Honey, I'm so hooked, I do this in my sleep.
My analyst has heard all about it."

Sitting on the bench, writing down the preceding:

Wife: So what do they get for the lunch buffet?
Husband: What, do you want another?!
Wife: No, I just want to know how much.
Husband: About seven dollars. It's pretty good.
Wife: Do you wanna play some more slots?
Husband: No, they're not good today.

At the slots again:

"You can win if you get a rhythm. She had it."

"Let's wait for her to come back."

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