ContentsPutah and Cache: Lower Cache Creek

It's a shame that it is so difficult for the salmon to get up there.

Shaun Ayres, 2000

Winters Canal
Robert Thayer

Irrigating with a Full Bladder
Peter B. Moyle

Cache Creek Nature Preserve
Robert Thayer

Birds of Putah-Cache: Lower Cache Creek
John Kemper

Salmon in Cache Creek
Peter B. Moyle and Shaun Ayers

Vegetation systems: Central Valley riparian (in process of restoration); large agricultural monocultures (crops: tomatoes, seeds, corn, wheat, cotton, rice, sugar beets); oak and mixed woodland; former perennial grassland, now annual.

Geology: Creek through alluvial deposits and Tehama gravels on Great Valley sequence shales and sandstone. Braided stream produces large gravel deposits.

Settlers: Patwin; Mexicans; Euro-Americans.

Major industries/employers: Agriculture; gravel mining.

Points of interest: Cache Creek Nature Preserve.

Events: Cache Creek Conservancy work days and open-to-the-public days.


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