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Nothing makes me feel better than looking at a field I started from scratch and seeing it full.

Tom Muller, 1997

Second and Main Street
Robert Thayer

Chas. E. Greene

Tom Muller: Interview, 1997
Jan Goggans

Yolo County Farm Workers
Jamie Bronner Chomas

In the Land of Men
Jan Goggans

Vegetation systems: Large agricultural monocultures (crops: tomatoes, seeds, corn, wheat, cotton, rice, sugar beets); lawn-dominated suburbia; former perennial grassland, now annual; oak savannah.

Geology: Alluvial deposits on Great Valley sequence sedimentary rock. Hills to west are formed by actively growing fold in Tehama gravels over deep faults.

Settlers: Patwin; Mexicans; Euro-Americans.

Major industries/employers: Agriculture; food processing; light industry.

Points of interest: Woodland Opera House; Gibson House Historical Museum.

Events: Yolo County Fair, late August; Historic Stroll, early September; Hot August Nights car cruise.


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