ContentsPutah and Cache: Willow Slough and Creeks' Ends

The flood, however, has solved the problem.

Yolo Democrat, 1879

Cache Creek Outflow and Willow Slough
Robert Thayer

A Bright Feature in the Flood
Yolo Democrat, 1879

Flood Journal
Amy J. Boyer

Yolo Basin Wetlands and Putah Creek Outflow
Robert Thayer

An Immense Plain, All in Flames
Jacques Antoine Moerenhout, 1848

Birds of Putah-Cache: Valley Floor
John Kemper

Vegetation systems: Large agricultural monocultures; valley riparian.

Geology: Floodplain for Sacramento River; alluvial deposits on Great Valley sequence sedimentary rock.

Settlers: River Patwin; Euro-Americans; Mexicans; Asian-Americans.

Major industries/employers: Agriculture.

Points of interest: Vic Fazio Wetlands.

Events: Duck Days, 2nd weekend in February.


Contents Putah and Cache