ContentsPutah and Cache: Willow Slough and Creeks' Ends

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Yolo Basin Wetlands and Putah Creek Outflow

Robert Thayer

For those who start in Davis, our tour ends the Yolo Basin Wetlands. Born as a vision in the minds of forward-thinking Davis residents, the Yolo Basin Wetlands are the largest reconstructed wetlands west of the Everglades in Florida. The Yolo Basin Foundation annually sponsors a Duck Days event, which celebrates what the Valley once was-and what it could be again. As you look out over the restored seasonal and permanent wetlands and upland plantings, consider the fact that what humans take away, they have the power to bring back. Robin Kulakow of the Yolo Basin wetlands, said it best: "I wanted my children to see and know the birds. We are building this wetland for all of our children."

If you began at Davis and continued through each region, you have now toured our "sibling" creeks, Putah and Cache, from source to outflow. Welcome to your bioregion, your "life-place." Learn about it, enjoy it, take care of it, and practice the best way to live here.

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