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Davis: Davisville
Frank A. Leach, 1917

UC Davis: Crossing Putah Creek
John Bidwell, 1841

Winters: El Temblor!
The Express.Saturday, April 23, 1892.

Monticello Dam: April 8, 1948
California Governor Earl Warren

Lake Berryessa: Hunting Berryessa Valley
Lloyd Briggs, 1881

Lake Berryessa: March of Empire, Chapter XVI
Mrs. Mallie Stafford, 1884

Clear Lake: Ever Reappearing
Caroline M. Nichols Churchill, 1881

Clear Lake: Mt. Hanna
Mrs. Jacob Rideout, 1889

Clear Lake: City of the Lake
Mrs. Jacob Rideout, 1889

Woodland: 1858
Chas. E. Greene

Willow Slough and Creeks' Ends: A Bright Feature in the Flood
Yolo Democrat, 1879

Willow Slough and Creeks' Ends: An Immense Plain, All in Flames
Jacques Antoine Moerenhout, 1848


Contents Putah and Cache