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The Putah-Cache Bioregion Project:

Mapping & GIS

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Hand mapping
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Hand mapping

Hand-drawn mapping is done by Jake Mann under the direction of Rob Thayer. The base map for the region is a black and white map of the region at 1:150,000 scale. It shows the boundaries, creeks, and roads of the region. It's based on the DeLorme Northern California Gazetteer Maps.

Overlays are being drawn for this map. Planned overlays include:

  • The lands of Native American language groups (Patwin, Wintun, Pomo, and others) within the watershed boundaries. Many boundaries between groups lie along natural delineations in the watersheds.
  • Focus areas of stakeholders groups and other organizations in the watershed.
A 4 x 3 paper copy of the black and white map can be ordered.

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GIS Maps

GIS mapping is of the five-county region encompassing the Putah and Cache Creek watersheds. Most of it is at 1:240,000 scale. We have a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and coverages for:
  • roads
  • land use
  • land ownership
  • farmlands
  • vegetation
  • natural diversity
  • hydrology
  • watershed boundaries.
Sample GIS maps

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