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Putah-Cache Bioregion Mapping:

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Digital Elevation Map (40K)

County Map

Some image samples of available data



Watershed Boundary

Land Use

Land Ownership

A comprehensive database is available of digital information and GIS coverages for the Putah Creek and Cache Creek Bioregion. Digital data for GIS applications are available for the following categories:

Data Category and Source
County Boundaries------------Public Service Research Program(PSRP) 1995
Digital Elevation Model(DEM)-United States Geological Survey(USGS)1992
Land Use Data ----------------United States Geological Survey(USGS)1992
Vegetation Data--------------California Rivers Assessment Program(CARA), UC Davis
Land Ownership Data----------California Rivers Assessment Program(CARA), UC Davis
Farmland Data----------------Farmland Mapping and Monitoring Program(FMMP)
Hydrological Data------------Teale Resource Center/ CARA
USGS-Watershed Boundaries----California Rivers Assessment Program, UC Davis
State Watershed Boundaries---State Water Resource Control Board
Roads------------------------California Rivers Assessment Program, UC Davis
Natural Diversity Data-------California Rivers Assessment Program, UC Davis

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