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Jepson Prairie Educational Video and Activities
Informal Science & Environmental Education Guide
Ethnobotany Guide

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1) Jepson Prairie: A Vernal Pool and Native Grasslands Adventure. This fun-filled and educational adventure consists of an 18 minute video (Darwin's Escape) and packet of four interactive science activities created in 1999 by UC Davis and Sacramento High School students. The video and activities are for grades 4-8 for use prior to a field trip to Jepson Prairie. They are designed to involve students in active learning about problems faced by animals and plants living in Jepson Prairie. Each activity takes less than an hour and requires little advance preparation.

2) Informal Science and Environmental Education in the Sacramento Valley Region and at UC Davis. Updated and revised in 1999, this guide features contact information and summaries of 19 University of California, Davis, museums, collections, and field sites, as well as 52 informal science education organizations in the Sacramento Valley region. Additional information is presented on another 29 museums and field sites, as well as state and federal agency resources. The guide has proven to be extremely useful to a wide audience, particularly teachers planning class field trips. A full version on the web will continue to be updated.

3) Ethnobotany of the Putah and Cache Creeks Eco-region. The 52 page guide celebrates the historic and ongoing cultural uses of 23 plants in the Putah and Cache Creek watersheds, focusing on the restoration of these watersheds as a high quality environment for people, plants and animals. The guide features detailed descriptions of the plants, as well as beautiful illustrations. It is available for $3.00 if picked up or sent to a UCD campus address; $4.00 if mailed off-campus.

4) Putah and Cache Creek Watersheds Map. The 36" x 42" hand-drawn map provides a detailed overview of the Putah and Cache Creek watersheds. It is available for $11.00 if picked up or sent to a UCD campus address; $15.00 if mailed off-campus.

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