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The US EPA awarded UC Davis funding to develop a community-based environmental education project for upper elementary and middle school aged youth. Return of the Salmon focuses on local natural and cultural issues of the Putah Creek Watershed and is an initiative of the Putah-Cache Bioregion Project and the Public Service Research Program

Through a series of workshops and ongoing web based communication, environmental educators from sites along Putah Creek, local school teachers, and university undergraduates team together to develop place-based integrated learning activities or units.

These educational activities engage students in inquiry oriented learning opportunities in the classroom and at field sites, fostering awareness and involvement in our bioregion. The units are designed to include practical applications to encourage extended participation in community environmental projects.

Please browse our site to see the results of this collaboration and learn how you can create units for your classroom needs.

View final curriculum units here, by site and title.
Learn how to create your own unit.

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