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2003-2004 Classes
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Fall 2003

Nature and Culture: Fieldwork in Nature and Culture

NAC 180. Admission is by permission of the instructor.
Class in session: September 25-December 13, 2003 at UC Davis
Instructor: David Robertson, (530) 752-0698 or
Instructor: Peter Moyle, (530) 752-6355 or

DESCRIPTION Natural scientific, social scientific, and literary/artistic approaches to the study of nature and culture in one place, which will vary with instructor. One week of field work prior to the beginning of the quarter, plus two weekends.

GRADING This is a 4-unit course with one hour of discussion and a total of 70 hours of field work over the quarter. A term paper is required.

Winter 2004

Nature and Culture: Art and the Natural World

NAC 198. No prerequisites and no previous art training required.
Class in session: January 7-March 16, 2003 at UC Davis
Instructor: Ann Savageau,
Obtain CRN from Merlyn Potters,, English Department

DESCRIPTION This is a studio art course that explores the ways in which the people of various cultures, from traditional to contemporary, have expressed their culture's relationship to the natural world through art. Three in-depth studio art projects and a three part curriculum with case studies, readings, slide lectures and field trips.

1) Mother Earth: the Earth as alive, sacred mother of all created things. The imperative to live in harmony with Nature. Case studies: Aboriginal Australia, Native America
2) The Mechanical Earth: Nature as inert and non-animistic. The universe and non-human others as machines and objects of scientific study and economic exploitation. The desacralization of nature and the romantic retort to the scientific revolution. Case study: Europe from the Renaissance through the twentieth century.
3) Earth in the 21st Century: postmodern views of Nature. The Earth in need of healing. Artists as agents of environmental change, directions for the future. Case studies: contemporary international artists.

GRADING This is a 4-unit course intended for undergraduates with upper division standing.

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