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The Putah-Cache Bioregion Project:

Fall 2000 Classes at UC Davis

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 Putah Creek Explorations: Developing Educational Activities for Youth
Fieldwork in Nature and Culture
Writing American Nature

Putah Creek Explorations

Three units of 92, 98, or 192 credit available through WFCB, ERS, ESP, Nature and Culture, Entomology, Landscape Architecture, Education. Other departments by request.
Call for CRN at 752-7823 or send e-mail to
Elect one or two quarters. Repeats every quarter.
Fri. 1 - 3 PM. Location to be announced.
Additional meetings and field trips to be determined.

Learn about the ecology and culture of Putah Creek! Help create an outreach program for kids! Learn valuable career and communication skills! Gain outreach and teaching experience! Share your knowledge with regional youth and the general public! Sign up for two quarters!

PUTAH CREEK EXPLORATIONS is an interactive education project focused on the natural and cultural issues of Putah Creek. In this internship you will learn about the plants, animals, habitats, and people of the Putah Creek Bioregion and, working in teams with other students, turn that knowledge into hands-on science, art, and bioregional activities and adventures that stimulate active learning. Next, you will implement your activities with young people in and out of school and at the creek. Your project will directly contribute to an university outreach program for our region's youth.

A two quarter option is offered for students to continue and present activities created by various teams to area youth and school groups. Become a part of an ongoing environmental education program.

Transcript notation available. Grad students and auditors welcome. (Units available for past interns to implement activities).

Fieldwork in Nature and Culture

NAC 180, 4 units
Tue. 4:40-6:00 PM, Olson 151
David Robertson,,& Susan Harrison,

 Natural scientific, social scientific, and literary/artistic approaches to the study of nature and culture in one place. This year's course will study the Putah-Cache bioregion through focusing on the McLaughlin Natural Reserve.

Prerequisite: NAC 100 and consent of instructor. Priority given to Nature and Culture majors. Fieldwork will take place during one week at McLaughlin Reserve, prior to the beginning of the quarter, plus two weekends.

Writing American Nature

ENL 233/ECL 290. 4 units.
Th. 3:10-6:00 PM, Voorhies 248
David Robertson,

Open to graduate students only. Reading of some classic nature writing texts, some classic ecology papers that will be interpreted as nature writing, and students' own writings.

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