Photo: Stuart Allen's Lake Berryessa Line

The Putah-Cache Bioregion Project:

Putah-Cache Creek Archive Project

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What things will hold us still, hold us to earth? --Maria Thomas

How do these things work together? How does the part fit into the whole?

ENGLISH 198, section 23:
The Putah-Cache Creek Bioregion Archive Project

We are collecting and cataloguing documents pertaining to all the lives led between the watershed of Putah Creek and Cache Creek, from Clear Lake to the Sacramento River.

If you are interested in maps
oral histories
travel journals

Or if you want to focus on a variety of sources in the areas of
ethnic studies
resource extraction
animal/fish/plant history

Contact the instructor, Laurie Glover, at 754-9196 or

Class meetings will include instruction in methods of collecting and cataloguing, collaborative work on individuals’ projects, and development of presentation of materials found. The bulk of the work for the class will be independent and will derive from individual project contracts made between the instructor and each student.

Here are the kinds of questions we might pursue:

Were the Berryessa brothers really assasinated?
Were there salmon in Cache Creek?
Who were the African Americans who founded Guinda?
Where are traditional burial and gathering places located?
What did the riparian corridors look like in the past?

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