Photo: Stuart Allen's Lake Berryessa Line

The Putah-Cache Bioregion Project:

Adjunct Writing Reading List

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Aristotle, from Physics
section from Book Beta, Natural Science and Explanation, pp. 23-25
Michael P. Conzen, editor, The Making of an American Landscape
Chapter 5: Pierce F. Lewis, "The Northeast and the making of American Geographical Habits," pp. 80-103
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Chapter 7: "The Question Concerning Technology" pp. 283-317
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Chapter 2: "The Very Heart of Our Country," pp. 16-27
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sections from "Good, Sacred, Wild," pp. 78-87, 94-96
section from "Survival and Sacrament," pp. 178-79, 180-81
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Chapter 1, For Love of Land and Nature, pp. 3-24
section from Chapter 2, Technophilia and Landscape, pp. 32-41
Van Andruss, et al, editors, Home! A Bioregional Reader
Peter Berg, "More Than Just Saving What's Left," pp. 13-16
----- and Raymond F. Dasmann, "Reinhabiting California," pp. 35-38
Marnie Muller, "Bioregionalism/Western Culture/Women," pp. 87-88
Jamie Sayen, "Taking Steps Toward a Restoration Ethic," pp. 121-24
Doug Aberley, "Building a Bioregional, Sustainable Alternative," pp. 159-160
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