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Federal, state, and local governmental entities involved in the bioregion. For county governments, see Links by County.

Federal agencies
National Resource Conservation Service. Very little local information (see Local agencies below) but a wealth of technical info and map ordering info on soils, climate, etc. Includes the PLANTS botanical database: a US flora, accessible by state, category of plant (trees/forbs/ferns, etc.; endangered, crop, etc.), plant family and more. Gives current nomenclature and synonyms.
Bureau of Reclamation. Largely involved with water projects. Information on local water resources, forecasts, and links to such projects as CALFED. Also includes links to relevant on-line information, especially government agencies.
Bureau of Land Management. A large local landowner. Includes public involvement information such as Environmental Impact Statements, recreational information, and local bird lists.
Southern Pacific Division of the Army Corps of Engineers. Greatly involved in California water. We are in their Sacramento District:
EPA Office of Water. An embarrassment of riches. General watershed info, databases & software, laws & policy, ways for citizens to get involved, current initiatives, and more.

State agencies
California Parks Service. Includes listing of state parks, preserves, and historical landmarks by county.
California Resources Agency. Links to a number of departments and programs involving state resources, including Department of Conservation, Department of Fish and Game, Department of Water Resources, and others.

County agencies or local offices
Yolo County Resource Conservation District. Information on programs, education, and farm practices. Partners list includes a number of agencies active in the bioregion, some of which are listed here.
Napa County Resource Conservation District. Focused on the Napa River Watershed, which excludes the Putah-Cache watersheds. Includes some useful links to other organizations and a map of the Napa River Watershed.

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