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By no means a complete list, these sites were chosen because of their thoroughness in covering their bioregion or watershed, or because they included information useful to those in other bioregions. See how other bioregions think of themselves.

California regions
Guide to San Francisco Bay Area Creeks. "In the old days, every neighborhood had a creek; the secret is they still do..." (from their page) This watershed site is one of our neighbors. An unusual urban guide.
Santa Cruz Mountain Bioregional Almanac. Lots of biological info on that bioregion--includes a bibliography.

US regions

Organized roughly west to east.
Communities for a Sustainable Future. Includes several directories, many green-alternative. Includes links to Rocky Mountain regional groups at
Wisconsin-Illinois Upper Des Plaines River Ecosystem Partnership. Rather terse, very governmental, but it has some interesting ecological links.
Parker River Clean Water Association. A small watershed (82 sq. mi) in Massachusetts. Their on-line Explorer's Guide includes fauna checklists and lively local history.

International regions
GLIN, Great Lakes Information Network. A binational resource. Provides basic info on the region: economic, ecosystem, flora and fauna, education, etc. Many useful links, some rather technical.
Grand River Watershed. Canadian watershed group: fact sheet on the watershed, natural and human history, activities, etc.

About Bioregions and Bioregionalism
Planet Drum Foundation
One of the first bioregional foundations. Includes a catalog of their publications and a list of international bioregional links.
World Resources Institute: Definition of a bioregion. Concise and thoughtful; gets at some of the difficulties in defining "bioregion."

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