Photo: Stuart Allen's Lake Berryessa Line

The Putah-Cache Bioregion Project:

Circumdrive Map

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Note: this map is schematic rather than exact. We recommend taking along a good roadmap or two.
How do I print the map?

Clickable map of Putah-Cache Circumdrive, 51K

How do I print the map?

The map (not this web page!) will fit on one page in landscape orientation. To print it, save the image to your hard drive, open it in your browser, make sure the page is set to print in landscape orientation instead of portrait orientation, and print.Tips:

To save the image: right-click or shift-click on it and choose "Save Image As...". Save it to a convenient place on your hard drive.

To open it in your browser: Under the File menu, choose "Open..." or "Open page...", then browse through your hard drive till you find the saved image. There should be a button that says "Browse" or "Choose File". On a Windows machine, you may need to go to the "Files of type..." pulldown menu and choose "All files".

To change to landscape orientation: This will be different for different people. Try "Page Setup" under the File menu. If you can't change the orientation there, choose "Print" under the "File" menu and look for an "Options" or "Properties" button. Landscape is wider than tall.

Printing: If possible, print in color (best) or grayscale (next best).

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