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Community networks, newspapers, recreation, history, etc. Includes county government sites.
California Association of Counties. The jumping-off spot for various counties. Includes location and minimal governmental info for those counties whose government is not on the web, and addresses for most county governments on the web. Also includes some information of interest to local governments such as welfare reform, property tax law, etc.

Colusa County Links
Colusa County. Basic info.
ColusaNET. Local weather and flood information, agricultural links, community links, Colusa Free Library information.
Appeal-Democrat newspaper. Based in Yuba and Sutter counties but also covers Colusa. Links to community non-profits.

Lake County Links
Lake County. Basic info.
Lake County Government. Directory of county resources and a fact sheet on the county.
Lake County Network. Local events, parks, and community links, etc. Includes a brief history of Lake County and info on local museums.
Lake County Watershed Awareness. Includes watershed data, information on Clear Lake, and a listing of GIS maps.

Napa County Links
Napa County. Basic info.
Napa County Government. Directory of local officials, links to departments, flood information, with links to some Napa cities.
Napa Community Net. County and city government access, some school and recreation information.
Napa Valley Museum. How the land shaped the people, and information on the Wappo Indians, Mexican settlement, and the wine industry. Focused on the Napa Valley, but potentially informative about the surrounding area.
City of Napa. Overview, history, government directory, and numerous links.

Solano County Links
Solano County. Basic info.
Solano County Government. Links to county departments and services.
The Vacaville Reporter. News for Solano County and surrounding area.
The Vacaville Museum. History museum. Hours, exhibits past, present, and future, and a calendar.

Yolo County Links
Yolo County. Basic info.
Yolo County Government. Government directory, short history of Yolo County, county press releases.
Davis Community Network. Links to schools, community organizations, election information (including archives from 1996 forward), census data (under "Living"), economic data (under "World," city, county, state, and federal government, as well as:
Yolo Regional Network. How do we create a "smart" community with public access to technology?
Waterworks. A pilot project: bioregional decisionmaking on water issues. Includes an event calendar.
Davis Enterprise. News in the Davis/Woodland area, with some coverage of Winters.
City of Davis. FAQs, maps, departments, and the General Plan.
Yolo County Library/Davis branch. Includes information about other branches.
Hattie Weber Museum. Davis historical museum. Hours, history, and info on current exhibits.
Yolo Basin Foundation. The Yolo Bypass State Wildlife Area, field trips, California Duck Days, and other wetland sites.
City of Woodland. City history, city government, and community organizations.
City of West Sacramento. Government directory, city council and agenda, etc.

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