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The Putah-Cache Bioregion Project:

Useful Links for the Putah-Cache Bioregion

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Counties of the Bioregion: local government, historical associations, libraries, community networks, etc., organized by county.
Regional Environment and Culture: links that can provide information on various areas of the bioregion. Includes some governmental agencies.
Government Agencies: State and local agencies with particular environmental influence.
Bioregionalism and Other Bioregions: See what other bioregions and watersheds are doing; gain other perspectives on the bioregion question.


This is only a partial list of relevant resources, due to the abundance of web sites and the scarcity of search time. Sites were included if they met the criteria below:

1) They were non-profit or not principally business oriented; a few exceptions were made for county sites. A site promoting a county to prospective businesses or real estate buyers might be included if it contained cultural, environmental, or recreational information not available elsewhere.
2) They were judged useful or enjoyable for residents of the bioregion.

Caveat lector: inclusion of a link on this list does not constitute an endorsement of its information or views by the University of California or any UC associates.

We invite you to submit URLs with a brief description to We reserve the right to decide whether or not to include sites for any reason, and to change the description.

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