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Note: none of the resources listed consider the bioregion as such. However, they can provide information for specific places within the region (e.g. the census maps for counties and cities within the region) or information related to the region. Some, particularly historical resources, merely point the seeker to off-line resources such as historical societies, libraries, or museums.

Local environment
Information Center for the Environment. A huge resource, with many watershed-based subsites. Watershed maps, some interactive; UCD Clear Lake Research Center; watershed and restoration projects around the state; and many others.
California Environmental Research Evaluation System. Another large resource. Environmental and social information, accessible by region, information type, organization, etc, as well as land use planning, environmental law, and more. Economic information includes an economic tour of the Central Valley--graphics intensive but concise and informative.
The US EPA Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds. The Watershed page. Includes general information on watersheds, and
Surf your watershed. The Putah-Cache Bioregion includes several EPA hydrologic units. The watershed information includes a map, an index of useful links, and information on water use, toxics, Superfund sites, and so on.
Environmental Defense Fund's Scorecard site. Type in your zip code & find out the major toxics being released in your area, how much is being released, who's doing the releasing, and more.
National Fish & Wildlife Service
Pacific Region Fish & Wildlife Service. There are no USFWS refuges within the watershed. However, this page includes links to a directory of nearby refuges with similar habitat, and information on the watershed-based "Ecosystem approach to conservation."

Local people
California Historical Society. Local history guides (see their library page), archive information, newsletter.
Library of Congress: American Memory. Digitized historical documents, available free on the web. Includes
California as I Saw It. Digitized collection of first-person narratives of California's early years. Includes an appraisal of the collection's completeness and a guide to other resources. Searching the collection's text for keywords is remarkably fast.
US Census Bureau Gazetteer. Search here for information by county, county subdivision, or city. Includes interactive map and census tables; tables can be downloaded. The map is slow but interesting.
Sacramento Bee. Not based in the bioregion, but covers the area.
California Indian Library Collections. Maps of tribal and linguistic groups, bibliography, where local collections are available.

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